About Moi

Good day everyone! Thanks for stopping by my blog and having a look. I trust you’re all enjoying what you see. A bit about me, in the meantime.

I’ve been training in the martial arts since 2007. I started with boxing and I did that for 1.5 years until I grew bored of the gym where I was training (mostly because they were very money-driven) and I switched to my new home, Kombat Arts Training Academy. From there, I started training in muay thai and savate and eventually branched off into my favourite art which is Jeet Kune Do. Savate is also another one of my favourites because of its focus on leg kicks and the wide variety of kicks it offers. I’ve also touched on some wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in my time though lately I’ve been taking no-gi BJJ classes. I love the cardio work and knowing submissions is handy, especially if a person gets into a street fight. Oh and uh, ladies, take note. BJJ is a wonderful thing to know for self-defense purposes. The art was designed to give the advantage to the smaller individual on the ground so if a man forces his way on top of you and sexually assaults you, it’s a great tool to have. 

So that’s me! You can call me Sam. See you around 🙂


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