People need to stop freaking out over TRT in MMA

Jonathan Snowden who is the lead MMA writer for recently wrote an article entitled The Dangerous Hyberbole Surrounding Testosterone Replacement Therapy. In it he draws the main differences between TRT and steroid abuse and why people need to stop overreacting to each time they hear about it in professional MMA. I’m inclined to agree with him.

I think the vast majority of fans and so-called pundits are screaming too loudly when another case of TRT comes up. Is there a fan out there that can say he or she uses TRT on a regular basis, as prescribed by a doctor and understands how it works and why it’s necessary? Maybe, but if there is, he isn’t speaking up because all I ever read are comments about how evil and awful people like Chael Sonnen or Nate Marquardt are because they use TRT.

These fighters may very well actually need TRT for legitimate reasons. No one except their personal medical doctors know their medical history and how their body works so who are we to question their motives. Fans either need to do some heavy research into the matter and make informed opinions or shut up already and stop crying wolf when they likely don’t even know what they’re talking about.

You can read Jonathan’s article here:


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