Jimmy Kimmel interviews Steven Seagal

Oh how I love Steven Seagal, the self-centred, sagging potato sack, aikido grand-master. He very much is a martial arts wizard and I can’t take that away from him.

What I will take away from him though is his assertion that he taught Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida the front face kick that they used to knockout their respective opponents with. I will now proceed to discredit his statement,

“There is a signature kick that I’ve taught them that they’ve knocked champions out with and won world championships with.”

  1. Anderson Silva didn’t actually KO Vitor Belfort with the kick. Silva still had to follow up with a few ground punches.
  2. Belfort wasn’t a champion at the time as he challenged current champion Anderson Silva for the middleweight title.
  3. Lyoto Machida already knew the kick as this video shows: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsvmP7ybpRs.
  4. Machida did not win a world title with the kick

Check out the interview here:


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